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Healthcare Solutions® will enable healthcare institutes and organization to provide better services to their clients. Through a clear vision Healthcare Solutions® will participate in building the partnership foundation with healthcare organizations to enhance their performance quality.


Our Vision

Healthcare institutes and organization to provide better services to their clients.


Our Mission

Through a unique combination of integrated HIS and knowledge transfer.


Industry Challenges

On-demand access to patient data Focus on patient care, not technology


Value Proposition

High performance Low maintenance,with embedded data

Our Services

Our Products

Blood Bank Management Systems

To manage operations in a blood bank is quite a task for any health care institution. So to make this blood bank management system feasible, ...

Coagulation Management

To empower care providers to treat and cure the anticoagulation patients, Portavita serves the anticoagulation module...

Incident Management System

Analysing data across complex and multi-layered organizations takes place by utilizing the incident management software...

Infection Control

When information is aggregated from variant sources such as Laboratory Information System (LIS)...

IVF (Infertility)

The IVF application effectively stores the patient’s data in the software and makes the data easily accessible by the user...

Patient Diabetics Management

A web based solution; Patient Diabetes Monitoring Portal (PDMS) renders total report writer system along

Medical Fitness

The federal laws of the country abide us to undergo Medical fitness tests as required for the visa processing...

Dental PACS

Digital dental imaging software MiPACS is fitted with dental image mounts (FMX, BW4, etc. & custom) together...

Chronic Diseases

Healthcare challenges and opportunities, chronic conditions and management by means of interoperability across the boundary...

Patient Safety

The highlighted the number of patient safety incidents, whether they contributed to patient deaths

Radiology Information System

Under Maintenance...

Primary Health Solutions

Under Maintenance...